Hebrew For "The House Of Truth"

Craig M. Lyons Ms.D., D.D., M.Div.


As I grew up in the Christian Church I took for granted that the New Testament was a gift of God and necessary for my salvation. I was taught that the New Testament was a Divine Revelation from Heaven; inspired, infallible, and inerrant. I was also taught that is was an accurate representation of history and the historical Jesus and what both you and I were to believe. I was also reassured that the authors of these writings were the Jewish Apostles and followers of Jesus and the New Testament was the Old Testament "fulfilled." I was also taught that the Messianic prophecies in the New Testament not only were fulfilled by Jesus but was proof of his Messiahship. I was taught that the New Testament was the "Old Testament" fulfilled and was all that I needed to know for my salvation.

But that was when I was a child and when I had not studied anything surrounding the New Testament for myself. Now at 54 years old and a Seminary graduate and ex-Pastor I realize fully that none of the above statements from the previous paragraph are accurate. I want all the readers to know that I loved Seminary for it was there that I was given the tools to do such scholarly Bible study and unlike most graduates who go off and assume their Pastorates and leave serious post-graduate study behind that was not the road that was taken by me. Having encountered so many things that just did not add-up in Seminary I had to have the answers to these problematic questions that never would go away. Being told to "have faith" does not cut it when obvious discrepancies abound. God never told us to have "faith" in a lie or something that does not make sense. I wanted to know why my Christian theology taught at Seminary was full of holes like swiss cheese. Being told repeatedly that God is not the author of confusion then I had to know who was responsible for so many conflicting and competing various "theologies" that abound in the one document entitled the New Testament. I had to know why so much in the New Testament contradicted each other and why so many different and opposing theologies down through history were presented to the layman in the New Testament as a supposed Divine Unity. Within the New Testament we have surrounding "the Christ" a mixture of Mystery Religions, Sun Worship, Covenant theology, Dispensationalism, Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Western Christianity, Monotheism, Trinitarianism, the Synoptic Jesus that differs from the Johannine Jesus, Paulinism, Judaism, etc.; and all this mind you emanating from the supposed mouth of Jesus and his followers. Something is wrong! I could not put my finger on "it" at the time of my graduation but years of serious and consistent study led me to the answers I sought. During the years following my pastorate I embarked upon a life of serious scholarly study to arrive at the answers to my many questions which culminated in not only receiving the answers that I sought for these "theological problems" concerning the Jewish Roots of the Christian faith but the presentation of these answers to the many problematic questions through the publication of the facts and evidences discovered by placing those many studies on various websites authored by Bet Emet Ministries [Hebrew for "House Of Truth". In other words I was able to see this Roman religious synthesis in the New Testament for what it truly is: a gross misrepresentation of "the Christ" idea as handed down from the ancients. Rome's New Testament was laid bare by unbiased and critical study that would not settle for anything other than the truth regarding the original Christians and what they believed about "the Christ" and how this idea related to Jesus before it will be later altered for all time by Western Roman Christianity.

If you so desire, Bet Emet Ministries offers a comprehensive CD of all of our Websites. Included with it is a "study plan" to assure the proper Spiritual evolution of your Soul and its proper development through the following in-depth studies. There is an order in which these numerous websites should be "studied" in order to maximize your learning spiritual growth. Just click on this link for the details as to how you can obtain the CD that consists of the ministry's fifteen websites, or should I say, books that were written over the last fifteen years. Many of these sites are actually books, consisting of hundreds of pages of knowledge that the Roman Church intended you never come to know.

In our CD all our websites are contained on one disk. We provide a "study plan" for the student and give detailed instructions as how to study these websites "in order" to facilitate one's study. Please inquire for the CD for such thorough study will take you some time if you ever hope of cracking the "Jesus Puzzle" and coming to the answer of the question: "Who do men say I am?" Hidden in this study is the manner by which you, a Christian, can come to the point in your life where the true power and demonstration of the Power of God in your life can be found and experience, where you can "say" to the mountains in your life "be gone" and they really flee. Just ask my wife who raised the Christ to life in her life, in a few short months, in time to reverse a disease process going on in her body and is alive today when medical science said otherwise. A mistaken literal and historical understanding of the sacred Scriptures "killeth," but a "mystical" and "metaphysical" understanding of the true indwelling Christ in you, as the real St. Paul teaches, raises you from the dead in this Earthly life and gives you the power and demonstration of the Power of God in your life. No tricks here, but just truth, truth kept from us by a less than truthful group of men that changed the original understanding of the Ancient Wisdom to keep humanity ignorant and in fear, thus selfishly controlling them when they no longer had enough swords to do so. Don't let this ignorance of the truth continue in your life. It is time to experience the resurrection of Christ from the dead in you NOW!