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Craig M. Lyons Ms.D., D.D., M.Div.


A Christian's religious belief system, when tested and exposed to contradictory facts from Biblical languages, Biblical history, Biblical culture, and archeology, must in the Spirit of Truth and Repentance, be flexible enough to change

Answer for yourself: Can you agree with the above statement? If you can then this website is for you; if not then don't waste your time.

I have endeavored to make this website the most complete, honest, and best documented site upon Marcion and New Testament studies. I present this work hoping that the facts presented will be more highly esteemed than comman dogma and tradition. This website goes straight for the truth-written so one doesen't have to accept church teachings blindly, but can read FACTS, and decide for onself. This is my gift to the sincere seeker of truth. Craig Lyons M.Div.


Hard to believe? Well I will prove it to you as well as the later Roman corruption of the "First New Testament" whereby an "allegorical understanding of the 'the Christ" as held by the earliest Christians is later "literalized" by Romanism into a "human Christ" as we are taught today. This is a complex study requiring knowledge in many areas and I will do my best to put the pieces of this theological puzzle together for you throughout this website. I will ask you be patient and it will all come together when we finish this study.


Today in the Western Hemisphere if you are a Christian then you most likely think that you have the truth concerning the Jewish Messiah let alone "the Christ" since being reared most likely in either Catholicism or one of the many sects of Protestantism. If you are diligent to continue to study through this website then you will be challenged to your very core with what you will come to see and know that will change your understanding of the earliest Christians and what they believed about "the Christ" and the "Jewish Messiah."In other words what we as Catholic or Protestant believers today have been taught to believe about Jesus and "the Christ" as filtered through the Roman Church in its earliest centuries is quite different from the earliest Christian beliefs concerning "the Christ" as well as Jesus! Let me say that there is a reason why Judaism does not accept the Christian's Christ and its understanding of the Jewish Messiah. The reason is simple: We as Christians are wrong. The reason again is a corrupt New Testament given to us down through history by Rome which totally destroys the earliest understanding of "the Christ" and the Jewish Messiah by the "earliest Christians."

That most likely is a shock to you; especially when such studies provides the evidence that will prove to you that the earliest believers "in Jesus" had often a completely different understanding of "the Christ" and "Jesus" as has been taught to us today by our New Testaments as filtered through the Holy Roman forgery mill.

Answer for yourself: How could this have happened? What did the "earliest Christians" actually believe about "the Christ"? Well it all began with a man named "Marcion" who was a Gnostic.


It is a undeniable fact that the First New Testament writings were gathered by a man representing a very large group of believers who are today termed "Gnostics" and who were not part of what would later be Western Christianity as it would develop out of Rome. These earliest "believers" in "the Christ" saw the need to collect a group of religious writings that promoted their Gnostic religious beliefs which would be later be called "the New Testament". Hard at it may be for you to believe these "earliest Christians" had a completely different understanding of "the Christ" than what Rome would later give the world through their refutation of these earliest Christians and their "First New Testament" they did as I will show you. Rome would respond to this "allegorical" Gnostic understanding of "the Christ" as found in Marcion's First New Testament with their own refutation of it by Irenaeus around 180 C.E.; I call it the "literal" Roman Second New Testament.

Let us begin a serious study into not only what these earliest Christians believed about "the Christ" and "Jesus" but also the origin of the New Testament and the religious beliefs of those who first gathered these existing documents in their day and what they believed about "the Christ" before Rome would change everything in the second through the fifth century through the pens of such Apologists as Irenaeus and others. Roman persecution by fire and sword would finally almost eradicate this knowledge from the face of the earth and we are indebted to archeology which in the last 50 plus years has uncovered the evidence exposing this Roman forgery of "the Christ."

Sadly few know this information since being programed since childhood to believe that the New Testament, as given to us by Western Roman Christianity and as found in our traditional Christian Bibles is the original New Testament of the earliest church. Nothing could be further from the truth as I will show you in this website.


There are two concepts in the New Testament that are often confused: the Jewish Messiah and "the Christ." By being conditioned with a "literal" interpretation of "the Christ" we fail to see how these two concepts have been blended in such a way as to make make the truth obscure to say the least. Lacking necessary knowledge of Judaism and what Judaism and the unaltered Hebrew Scriptures teach about the Jewish Messiah we are relegated to accept a false belief concerning the Jewish Messiah which can be squarely blamed upon our corrupted versions of our Christian Old Testaments and its corresponding misquotations and misapplication of them as found in the New Testament. Coupled with this is the later Roman forgery of much of the New Testament in the names of apostles and Paul which paint this "Christ" in anti-Gnostic terms which completely contradict the earliest Christian's understanding of "the Christ." Rome never wanted you to know this and as stated up until 50 years ago with the discovery of the Nag Hammadi gospels this was kept from the minds of mankind by Roman censorship and adulteration of the First New Testament. Such goes unnoticed by all except those with the most critical eye and who possess this knowledge through scholarly study.

Most of us think that "the Christ" and "the Jewish Messiah" are the same; that the Jewish Messiah is "the Christ." Well he is to be "anointed" and we get the Greek word from this term but much needs to be explained as you will come to see & understand the similarities and the important differences between these two religious concepts will become very apparent to you the student as you continue through this website. Understand that without a doubt the Jewish Messiah was to be anointed to perform certain acts for God but this understanding of "anointing" is completely different from the concept of "the Christ" as taught by Gnostics like Paul and other writers of the Gospels. What is confusing that few ever sort out is the fact that although the Jewish human Messiah was to be "anointed" by God for God's work among mankind this was not the same as "the Christ" as taught by Gnostic Jews and Christians alike. The Gnostic "Christ" of the First New Testament was completely different from the Jewish Messiah and Rome has merged these two ideas in their Second New Testament and applied them to only one person; namely, Jesus of Nazareth. Rome will blur these two religious concepts with their later editing and redacting of Marcion's First Gnostic New Testament.


It might surprise you to know that the writers of the First New Testament understood "the Christ" as a revealer or liberator, rather than a savior or judge. His purpose was to spread knowledge from God which would enlighten mankind to their true identities; that they, as souls, were a part of God that was entrapped in a fleshly body and that they were through enlightenment and knowledge come to this understanding of their true essence in order to return to God at their death. These writers, including Paul, believed "the Christ" was pure spirit and only had a phantom body; he was not human. Don't stop reading as I will prove it to you when we compare the earliest manuscripts of the First New Testament from 140 C.E. and what they teach with those refuting them from 180 C.E. and later. Many Gnostics believed that "the Jesus," understood as the human appearance of "the Christ" just appeared to be human to his followers but was not a fleshly human. This is very important for our later understanding of who Jesus truly is as portrayed in the New Testament we have today. For Paul and other Gnostics like Marcion who gave us the First New Testament their "Christ" was their Cosmic Godman; an intermediary of sorts in a non-fleshly appearance among mankind.

Answer for yourself: Were you aware that this is understanding of the original "Christ" written about by Paul and others we find on the pages of the First New Testament; that the earliest writers of these first New Testament religious documents did not believe in a human Christ? For them this "Christ" was only an allegory of a Divine Principle that operated in the world and in every man:

Col 1:27 27 To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: (KJV)


Wow! We have a lot to learn!

Let us begin a serious study into not only what these earliest Christians believed about "the Christ" and "Jesus" but also the true origin of the New Testament, it writers, its original theology, and the religious beliefs of those who first gathered these existing documents in their day and what they believed about "the Christ" before Rome would change everything in the second century through the pens of such Apologists as Irenaeus.

Sadly few know this information since being programed since childhood to believe that the New Testament as given to us by Western Roman Christianity and as found in our traditional Christian Bibles is the original New Testament of the earliest church and reflective of what the Jewish Apostles and the Jerusalem Church believed about "Jesus" and "the Jewish Messiah." Nothing could be further from the truth. In this website I will attempt to show you in this website as we examine what was contained in the original New Testament given the world by Gnostic Gentile Anti-semitic Gnosticism. This is great but yet difficult study for most of this information will be new to our readers.


We will come to see by examination of the existing evidences brought to us today through the apologetics of the early Church Fathers as well as the gifts of archeology today that the original Christians were Jewish and Gentile (Marcion-like) Gnostics who were part of an international Gnostic tradition flourishing across the whole of the Merditerranean.

Like all Gnostics these Jewish and Gentile metaphysical believers encoded their mystical teachings in the form of allegorical myths as Marcion expressed in his presentation of the "Gnostic Savior" as "the Christ" in his First New Testament. Out of previous Jewish and Pagan myths they created the Christian myth cycle, of which the Jesus myth of the New Testament is a part. In light of this fact it should not be surprising to find that the earliest understanding of God's Christ was to be understood "allegorically" and not "literally" by the earliest Christians; both Jewish and Gentile. This "allegorical" understanding of "the Christ" would change in the second century at the hands of Gentile "Literalists."

We will come to see:

Today's New Testament and many of its religious dogmas and teachings are not reflective of the earliest beliefs of the "earliest Christians" and "followers of Jesus of Nazareth." Few Christians know this due to the lack of their scholarly study. None of the early "Allegorical Schools of Christianity" resemble the "Roman Literalist Christianity" with which we are familiar with today. This "literal" approach toward "the Christ" of Marcion's First New Testament which reflected the Ancient's understanding of the "Logos" is not the understanding of the "earliest Christians. The Roman "forgery mill" of the second century and later centuries destroyed as much of this Ancient Knowledge as possible and gave the world Rome's "Second New Testament" which completely annuls and distorts the ancient's earliest understanding of "the Christ." Rome's response to Marcion and his "Gnostic First New Testament" by their" Second New Testament" in their refutation of Marcion's earlier Gnostic New Testament not only created more books but other alterations, changes, and additions to the First New Testament of Marcion. At the heart of such changes is the alteration of the allegorical and metaphorical Gnostic Christ is not a "Literal Christ."

We will further come to see as proved in this website:

By understanding Christianity as part of the broad Gnostic tradition that flourished throughout the ancient world, we have been able to discover the true origins of Christianity and the truth concerning the New Testaments in our possession today which negates the earlier understanding of God's Christ by the earliest Christians who saw God's Christ allegorically and the historical Jesus not as the "literal" manifestation of "the Christ incarnated" but only as the personification of God's Logos, Sophia, Wisdom, etc. We fail as Christians to realize that this "anointing" or "Christ" is within us all; not just Jesus.

I Jn 2:27 27 But the anointing (the Christ) which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him. (KJV)

And Somebody Either Did Not Know This Or Forgot To Tell You About This!


As Christians and followers of Jesus we need to know the truth about our faith and about the faith of the early Jewish and Gentile Churches. We need to realize that there are reasons why the Jewish Rabbis and Jewish people don't accept and believe in our "Christian Messiah" and our "Christianized Jesus." In order to get the reasons for the Jewish rejection of Christianity and see these truths then we have to investigate several areas of study in order to acquire answers to the following questions:


This is not going to be an easy or a quick study. The answers to these questions as well as many others we will encounter on this website will only be discerned by intensive and dedicated study of biblical history and New Testament manuscript studies. This will entail the reader becoming familiar with Gnosticism and the religious beliefs of the earliest Christians and then comparing them with the later religious beliefs of Rome which come from the altered Roman New Testament. We will look to the early Church Fathers for much of our answers as often their writings incriminate their lack of integrity as custodians of Divine Truth. Our objective is to find out what historical research reveals about the origin of the New Testament canon and the earliest meanings of "the Christ" as held by the earliest followers of Jesus before Rome corrupted such concepts in the second and later centuries.


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